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Freedom Of The Press Must Be Upheld In Tunisia

The freedom to express oneself and impart information and ideas through any media are fundamental human rights. Freedom of the press is – alongside a strong civil society – an essential means of holding power to account and giving voice to the community. It is unacceptable that journalists in Tunisia report being subjected to harassment, intimidation and […]

Activists Welcome UN Security Council’s Groundbreaking Demand For Justice For Salwa Bugaighis

Women human rights defenders have welcomed the Dutch government’s demand for an investigation into the murder of Libyan human rights activist Salwa Bugaighis. At a meeting of the UN Security Council on Wednesday, the Netherlands demanded that Salwa’s murder be investigated and prosecuted. This is a remarkable step as such calls are usually reserved for […]

Statement on the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem

The decision of the US government to move its embassy and recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a shattering blow to the peace process and to the dignity of Palestinians. We support our Palestinian partners and condemn the US administration’s decision unreservedly. This announcement represents a serious and deeply harmful break from international […]

We support Tunisia’s #ManichMsameh movement

Karama stands with our Tunisian colleagues protesting the economic amnesty law. It is impossible to divorce accountability from democracy. Leaders who cannot be held to account for their actions, who do not have the confidence of their people, hold power unjustly.    When leaders lose the confidence of the people they answer for it at […]

Transparency, not nationality is the problem with UN appointments, say women in the Arab region

We are appalled that the United States has objected to the appointment of a UN special envoy based purely on the candidate’s nationality. The UN Secretary-General’s is right in his pledge to “recruit qualified individuals, respecting regional diversity”, to which we would add the need to reflect gender, ethnic and cultural diversity. There are many […]

Syrian women come together to unify their vision for the future of Syria

Women from across Syrian society met in Beirut this week to discuss the role women must play in building a peaceful future for Syria. The event was organised by the Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace, which brought the group of 22 women from different political, religious and social backgrounds together for the two-day workshop. The […]

Karama launches European office

Leading Middle East and North Africa women’s rights NGO Karama has announced the launch of their European branch. Based in Cairo, the Karama network is the main platform for women’s rights organisations in the Arab region, from Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan to Morocco, it operates across thirteen countries. Karama Europe will be headed by Elisabeth van der Steenhoven, […]