Statement on the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem

Posted on: December 7, 2017, by :

The decision of the US government to move its embassy and recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a shattering blow to the peace process and to the dignity of Palestinians. We support our Palestinian partners and condemn the US administration’s decision unreservedly.

This announcement represents a serious and deeply harmful break from international precedents and UN resolutions. Its effects are only damaging to the interests of peace.

Palestinians have seen no movement in the peace process and no sign that the new US administration has any interest in being an honest broker. This decision confirms all their worst fears; it effectively signals the end of the US as a serious partner for peace in Palestine.

The continued occupation of Palestine is one of the great injustices of our time. It shames us all that Palestinians live under such violence and humiliation. This crass move by the US administration brings us no nearer to peace, but heaps yet more insult to injury to the people of Palestine. It is a decision that is everything to do with national US politics and nothing to do with peace in the region.

Now that the US has chosen a path of petty gesture diplomacy and insularity, we call on the remaining members of the international community to step up their efforts to bring an end to occupation, and peace to the region.