Swedish Institute and Karama launch strategic communications training for Yemeni women and youth in Cairo

Posted on: April 28, 2012, by :

5471247240_de084bbb17The Swedish Institute in Alexandria and Karama are hosting a training workshop on strategic communications for Yemeni women and youth.

Around 25 men and women, youth activists, political and civil society leaders and academics from Yemen will meet in Cairo from 4 to 6 June 2012.

“This is all about bringing Yemeni women and youth together, forming strategic alliances, and building consensus for a common vision, so that the Yemenis will be trained, equipped and ready to lead a peaceful and pluralistic Yemen,” said Hibaaq Osman, Founder and CEO of Karama.

The objectives of this workshop are to discuss possible ways to empower youth and women and to equip youth and women’s activists with the strategic communications skills they need to refine a message and distribute it across a wide range of media.

The workshop will also facilitate the networking of youth and women’s activists from different parts and walks of life in Yemen.

The sessions will focus on the development of communication skills, lobbying and issues related to leadership and management.

The expected outcome of the meeting is inter alia a better understanding among Yemeni women and youth of their rights. Moreover, an action plan on media and lobbying campaign will be developed in addition to a training manual on women’s and youth political participation and a set of recommendations for Yemeni local and national political leaders.