Equality for Sudan – Statement from MANSAM

Posted on: August 16, 2019, by :

Statement from MANSAM – Sudan’s Women, Political and Civil Groups

Sudanese women did not wait to be invited to participate in the revolution; our participation is born from centuries of oppression and omission of women’s affairs and women’s rights from public life. Women have endured the declaration of the Public Order Law, and decades of suffering in conflict zones, with our cries unheard, our needs unmet across the expanse of Sudan.

We, as representatives of all the entities under the MANSAM umbrella group, reject and deplore the poor representation of women in the announced bodies of the transitional civil government. We demand our full rights to participate in the transitional period, just as we have participated in the revolution. Although a 40% representation of women in the transition will quench our thirst temporarily, we will continue to work towards a minimum of 50% women in leadership roles in government.

Over recent weeks we have worked tirelessly with the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) to ensure this process is inclusive for women. We have furnished the FFC leadership with high caliber nominations, in collaboration with the relevant professional associations, only to be faced with a final list that does not include any of our nominations, without further discussion or consultation.

To this end, we call upon the membership of all the women’s entities, groups, and the female membership of political bodies, and all our allies to raise their voice in demanding the rights of equal, uncompromising representation just as their roles in the glorious revolution has been equal and their stance uncompromising.