#YemenCantWait – Film Reveals Shocking Impact of Conflict on Yemen’s Women

Posted on: February 8, 2018, by :

The Sisters Arab Forum has launched a short filming revealing the shocking impact of conflict on Yemen’s women. 

The film tells the stories of three women from Saada, Taiz and Hodeidah.  Each must deal with the human cost of war: experiencing violence, displacement with their children and the loss of their parents, and the trauma of conflict.

Yemen’s people have now had to endure a conflict lasting over 1,000 days and has gone largely unreported in global media. The Sisters Arab Forum have produced the film in order to give voice to the people who continue to suffer during the conflict. They hope that it will add to international pressure under the #YemenCantWait campaign for an end to the violence.

For more information about the Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights, visit their website saf4hrs.org.