We demand #JusticeForNoura

Posted on: May 24, 2018, by :
Image from the #JusticeForNoura campaign – change.org

We add our voice to the #JusticeForNoura campaign. It is a great injustice that Noura Hussein has been convicted and faces the death penalty. Noura is strong young woman, who has been turned by injustice and inequality into a victim many times over. She is a victim of forced marriage, of child marriage. She is a victim of rape.

That must be our first concern – Noura must be recognized as the victim, and not the criminal in this case.

We join with the call made worldwide – #JusticeForNoura.


Noura’s story must alert us to the injustice at the heart of the legal system that has convicted her. It is an affront to the dignity of women in Sudan and an affront to justice. Women and children must never be forced into unwanted marriages. A husband must never be allowed to rape wife.

We recognize the many brave Sudanese women who are fighting for equality, who have taken up Noura’s case and exposed the injustice to the world. We are proud to work with women in Sudan who are striving to end such discrimination and inequality.

A tragedy of justice has brought us here, and we join the call that Noura must not face execution for defending herself from her rapist. There are steps that can be taken to prevent such an injustice in the future. We must work to end the practice of child marriage. To ensure that women are protected, authorities must recognize that marital rape is rape, and prosecute it as such.

That will be justice for Noura.

Add your name to the #JusticeForNoura campaign.