Hibaaq Osman on Youth, Social Media, and Women in the Egyptian Revolution

Posted on: April 19, 2013, by :

hibaaq_osman“I never thought in my lifetime I would see a revolution unfolding under my eyes. It was a moment of uncertainty and excitement,” said Hibaaq Osman when she sat down with DLD Women to speak more in-depth on the Egyptian revolution in February and the essential contributions of youth and social media. In her reflection, Ms. Osman shares her personal experiences and observations from the days of revolution in Egypt, including descriptions of the Egyptian people and their protective nature toward each other, for instance, the way they came down to protect one another and their property in the days when the police could no longer be found in the streets.

“It is a nation that literally came together in every sense,” she says.

Looking forward, she emphasizes the roles of social media, which she cites made political mobilization a lot easier, and the Egyptian youth. “It is…the young people who made the revolution in Egypt who are going to be first-time voters that are really going to make the change and determine where Egypt is going.”

Above all, she prioritizes the inclusion of women sharing their essential role in a thriving nation. “Women will make sure that the constitution protects women and women’s rights and justice. If you see a country that has left women behind, you will see a country that goes downhill.”

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