Libyan Women March for their Rights on International Human Rights Day

Posted on: January 11, 2012, by :

In conjunction with the International Day of Human Rights, tens gathered for morning and evening marches organized by the Libyan Women’s Peace Platform (LWPP) and led by activists, politicians, and academics across Libya on December 10 calling for the full participation and representation of women in the transition and in the long-term future of Libya.
The march included two cities in the East—Benghazi and Derna—and two in the West—Tripoli and Surman. Women, men, and children came together in the streets in solidarity with the global women’s movement to voice their call for women’s equal and full participation in the transition and in the post-conflict Libya. With posters and banners in hand, these Libyan citizens from all walks of life called for support in guaranteeing women’s participation in the constitution, ensuring women’s full and equal political participation, and demanding protection and rehabilitation for women survivors of violence.
In the evening, the Phoenix, a group affiliated with the LWPP, opened a groundbreaking exhibit in Tripoli sharing different perspectives on women and war through a collection of photographs. The photographs were part of a competition asking for visual representations responding to the theme of “Women and war.” The exhibition marked the end of the 16 Days of Activism and featured speeches on the theme of human rights by activists including Ms. Joma Atiga, the Head of the Human Rights Association, Ms. Najlaal Lamanquosh, and the Head of the National Committee for Communication between Youth and the NTC.
For more information on these events, please visit the Libyan Women’s Peace Platform online and via Facebook.