Brigitte Chelebian

Posted on: May 31, 2018, by :

Brigitte is an attorney-at-law and the Executive Director and founder of the organization Justice Without Frontiers (JWF), which works towards the advancement of international criminal justice. JWF’s mission makes it the the first organization of its kind in Lebanon. In a part of the world with little support for the Rome Statute system, JWF campaigns for the ratification and implementation of the Statute within national laws, including promotion of the rights of women who are victims of armed conflict and sexual violence. As the founder of JWF, Brigitte has led pioneering work in Lebanon and the wider region to promote the rights of victims, including women and children affected by sexual violence in conflict, build stronger national and regional institutions to protect against these crimes, and create access to legal support for victims. With the support of Karama, JWF recently led a campaign to combat human trafficking in Lebanon, increasing both the capacity of enforcement authorities to address the problem, as well as the public’s awareness and ability to recognize and report it.