Publication: Karama issues technical report on women’s participation in the public domain

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In partnership with the Women & Society Association, Karama has produced a technical report surveying NGOs in Egypt working towards literacy, life skills, and adult education for women. This report, written by Seham Negm, Secretary-General of the Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education, comes within the framework of a project to strengthen the role of women in long-term planning and development. The focus of this report is on life skills for women in the field of literacy and adult education. It is also associated with the international initiative on Education for All, as the third objective of the initiative ensures meeting the learning needs of all youth and adults through equitable access to appropriate learning and life skills programs. The initiative also links that goal closely to the issue of literacy and adult education, bearing in mind that the fourth objective underscores the importance of achieving a 50% improvement in levels of literacy and adult education by 2015, especially for women, as well as equitable access to basic education and continuing education for all adults. If the issue of illiteracy constitutes one of the issues of marginalized people in the world, illiterate women represent the category that is most marginalized and excluded from most development programs. Statistics show that there are 750 million illiterate adults in the world, with women accounting for two thirds of them in 2009. On the Arab level, there are 70 million illiterate Arab adults, with women representing two thirds of them, as well. This report details the initial evaluation done to develop a comprehensive database of NGOs offering women’s life skills.