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Policy Paper: Breaking the Syrian Stalemate

The conflict in Syria has lasted nearly two and a half years and future prospects for peace and reconciliation look bleak. The Assad regime has demonstrated exceptional resilience to popular and democratic calls for change, and many stakeholders believe that the President has turned the revolution into a civil war by proxy. Meanwhile, the National […]

Policy Paper: Inclusivity in Yemen

Revolution in Yemen showed early signs of success with the relatively peaceful removal of ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh. However, although Saleh stepped aside he has not stepped away. His regime and supporters continue to be important power brokers. In theory, the presence of representatives from all Yemeni stakeholder groups, including the Saleh camp, should be […]

Policy Paper: Stable Transition in Libya

Libya’s trajectory down the path of transition remains a rocky one. In terms of security, cities such as Benghazi have been liberated for over two years and yet continue struggling under higher levels of insecurity and instability than ever before. In politics, initial calls for democracy have turned into political party infighting within the legislative […]

Have the Arab Uprisings Helped or Harmed Women’s Rights? Women and the Arab Revolutions: from equality in protests to backlash in the transition from old regimes to new governments (July 2012)

      Attachment:   Size: ArabUprisingsHelpedorHarmedTTFAW.pdf   336 KB       Members of the Think Tank for Arab Women examine the role of new challenges to women’s rights as a result of the Arab uprisings and shifting political landscape, including the role of political Islam and the issues of women and conflict and […]

Report on Refugee and Stateless Women across the Arab Region Stories of: The Dream of Return, the Fear of Trafficking and Discriminatory Laws

      Attachment:   Size: karama_refugee_report_eng.pdf   637.14 KB       A number of international conventions provide for the protection of refugees’ rights. These include: the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its Protocol of 1967, the Convention for the Elimination of All […]

Policy Paper: Toward an Enhanced Participation of Women in Decision-Making Positions in the Arab World

      Attachment:   Size: Policy Paper- English.pdf   401.45 KB       This policy paper was prepared by Karama to share at the 53rd Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), held in New York from March 2-13, 2009. At this session, the Commission evaluated progress made by […]

Fact Sheet: Women and Decision-Making in the Arab World

Attachment Size Fact Sheet – Arab States.pdf    95.77 KB Karama prepared this Fact Sheet on women as decision-makers in the Arab World as part of its presentation at the United Nation’s 53rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women. For more information click here.

Publication: Karama issues technical report on women’s participation in the public domain

Attachment Size Technical Report_ENG.pdf    139.69 KB In partnership with the Women & Society Association, Karama has produced a technical report surveying NGOs in Egypt working towards literacy, life skills, and adult education for women. This report, written by Seham Negm, Secretary-General of the Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education, comes within the framework of […]